Fight the War with the Defiant Bourrasque!

Having been constructed for the Marine Nationale, the Bourrasque went on to become a flagship destroyer for its country.

After its construction in Dunkirk France, the Bourrasque took part in Operation Dynamo, where it was tasked with the evacuation of Allied soldiers after British, French and Belgian troops were all stranded by German forces during the war. Artillery fire and German Bombers sunk the ship during that evacuation, ending the Bourrasque’s short but defiant reign.

The Bourrasque  carries a beam length of 9.64 metres, a draught length of 4.3 metres, and an overall length of 106 metres.


Light Guns (4 x 5.1 in )


Port/Starboard 23DT Torpedoes

Port/Starboard 23DT Torpedoes

Depth Charges

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