Take Helm of the Deadly Richelieu!

After being constructed for the French Navy, the Richelieu warship fought on both sides of the war. Having been constructed in Brest France, the Richelieu fought first for the French Vichy Regime, where it helped to stop allied forces taking control of the French port of Dakar. Towards the end of the war, the French battleship joined the allies where it operated in the Indian Ocean. The Richelieu boasts an almighty roster of stats, with a beam length of 33 metres, a draught length of 9.7 metres, and an overall length of 247.9 metres.

Richelieu Weapons

A Turret (4 x 15 in) B Turret (4 x 15 in) X Turret (3 x 6 in) Y Turret (3 x 6 in) Z Turret (3 x 6 in) Light Guns (12 x 3.9 in) AAA   Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or sign up to our Mailing List to stay up to date with the latest news!