Take the helm of the Zara!

The Zara Cruiser, having been built for the Italian Regia Marina in Northern Italy, served its country by first fighting against the British Royal Navy  in the Battle of Calabria. The Italian battleship later took part in the Battle of Cape Spada, once again fighting against the Royal Navy, and the Battle of Taranto, where it was tasked with fending off a British aerial attack on the Regia Marina fleet. The Zara’s seemingly endless rivalry with Britain was eventually put to a stop when it was sunk by three British battleships at the Battle of Cape Matapan.

Zara Weapons

A Turret (2 x 8 in)

B Turret (2 x 8 in)

X Turret (2 x 8 in)

Y Turret (2 x 8 in)

Light Guns (12 x 3.9 in)