5 Star Editor’s pick for Victory At Sea!

Victory At Sea has been given a 5 Star Editor’s pick Award by Software Informer. The TIGA award winning game has been building a a fanatical following on Steam and other platforms.

You can learn more here.

Kriegsmarine campaign

Victory AT Sea recently released it’s 1.2 Kriegsmarine  update. Which featured the following.

New convoy mechanics have been added – large supply convoys from the US and the British colonies will continually reinforce the mainland unless you can intercept and sink them.

Extra submarine mechanics let you strike and withdraw all the easier by diving out of sight.


Hard and Expert campaign modes

These pit you against more numerous and higher level enemies from the get go. In addition the enemy supply lines will be more resilient to your attacks.

You’ll also have to be more careful with your fleet as repairs can only be carried out by using up friendly port supplies. Similarly new ships can only be requisitioned from well supplied ports, with battlecruisers and battleships requiring a higher level, well stocked port.

Other changes:

– Added gameplay option to disable planes in night battles.
– Added gameplay option to show A/B and X/Y turret groups as separate weapons.
– Hard/Expert mode captains must purchase landing craft from the shipyard before engaging in port attacks.
– Deep dive mode added for submarines, unable to fire torpedoes but harder to detect. Submarines in deep dive can retreat from the battlefield after 30s undetected.
– Loose formations – group your ships into a loose formation, no circle/lines just a handy selection.
– Initial load of the shipyard screen should be much much faster.
– Right clicking to fire all weapons will first fire any guns in range/arc, if no guns available will fire torpedoes, if no guns or torpedos available will fire depth charges/hedgehogs.
– Ally ships not under your control are faded out on tactical view to reduce confusion.
– Added the type VII U-Boat

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