Victory At Sea is a Naval Strategy Game

Available on Steam, The Mac Store and Humble Store Now - Mobile coming 2015.

  • USS Enterprise

    USS Enterprise

  • USS Iowa

    USS Iowa

  • Yamato


  • Admiral Hipper

    Admiral Hipper

Now available via the Humble Store!

War is declared in  Victory At Sea, a Naval Strategy Game

Victory at Sea is set during world war 2 and has 3 game modes, Historical Battles, Point Battle and Campaign.

Bringing an epic approach to real time strategy war gaming, players develop their own story with an open sandbox mechanic in a desperate attempt to win the Second World War.

Navigate fleets around the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean theatres of war and engage in real time epic naval combat. The age of the dreadnoughts has passed and naval warfare has become dominated by aircraft Carriers. Submarines hunt convoys like wolves and the numerous and nimble destroyers rule the oceans.battleships-combat

Game Modes

Historical Battle

Take part in some of the most explosive naval battles during World War 2 such as The Battle of the Denmark Strait The Battle of Cape Matapan and The last battle of the Bismarck.

Point Battle

Choose to play as either Great Britain, Germany, United States of America, Japan, France and Italy, set a point value and build your fleet. This mode is an excellent feature for the inexperienced  Captain wishing to test the strength and weaknesses of specific ships and tactics from WW2.


You are awarded the rank of Captain and ordered to hunt the enemy wherever you may find them across the oceans of World War 2. At the beginning of the war you take command of a naval destroyer, through your exploits and missions expand your fleet, receive Medals and go up  Ranks as reward for your naval combat.

As a WW2 naval commander you can plan your strategy however you want. Whether you harass trade routes, attack ports or build a fleet of submarines to hit the enemy before disappearing into the night. You will be able to play any combat style. With over 80 authentic classes of warship and counting from WW2, and hundreds of ports set across 3 theatres of war, Victory at Sea offers the player a huge world to explore and defend in this Sandbox Real Time Strategy from Evil Twin Artworks.


Play Your Way

You are a newly promoted Naval Captain and can choose to fight for Great Britain or the United States of America. You will begin your exploits in a Destroyer and expand your fleet and naval rank with every successful combat.

As you build your notoriety and drive the enemy back the struggle will become more desperate as they throw everything at you. With over 80 classes of ship you will be expected to engage with well known ships like the Bismarck, the Yamato and many more.

Victory at Sea is not mission driven, it has a sandbox mechanic that allows you as the Captain to go where you want and do what you want. Your superior officers will give you orders and special assignments but however you play, your actions and your decisions will create your own story of WW2.


Theatres of War

Each theatre of war will have 50 + real ports that played an integral role in WW2, ranging from the massive conflicts at Pearl Harbor, Midway and Guadalcanal to the defense of Sydney and Newcastle, Australia.

The Battle for the Atlantic campaign’s focus will be to defend trade as much as conquer the enemy. The Wolf Pack will hit you at night and must be destroyed in order for you to be victorious.

The game also contains authentic weather systems unique to each environment, the Atlantic is bleak, expect snow and Fog as well as deadly and stealthy submarines below the waves. In contrast The Pacific and Mediterranean will have blistering hot temperatures and the numerous island chains can hide deadly fleets. If fog rolls in, vision will be impaired and you’ll be expected to rely heavily on your battle experience to get your crew through the ordeal.

There is also feature a day and night system, as the sun sets some port ship lights will be visible and can act as a guide to a lost fleet, it can also aid a clever captain if you want to travel undetected.


warship vas


Available for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam August 8th 2014. The mobile version will launch 2015.

Victory at Sea is already a highly successful table top battle-game made by Mongoose Publishing, the company behind the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. The PC-game will encapsulate the vast amounts of information behind the tabletop-game which incorporates every detail a gamer could want. It will also inherit the fast flowing rules that allow novices and veteran gamers alike to enjoy recreating the epic naval warfare between the mighty warships of world war 2.


About the Ships

If you have read this far we are guessing you would like to know more about the ships. We currently have over 80 classes of ship and counting, which include Destroyers, Submarines, Cruisers, Corvettes, Aircraft Carriers, Battleships, Battlecruisers, Light Cruisers, Pocket Battleships, Heavy Cruisers, Light Carriers, Escort Carriers, Destroyer Escorts, and Cargo Ships. But within each class there are several types of ship, for example in the destroyer class alone we have the J,K,N Class, Tribal Class, Zerstorer 1936 Class, Fletcher Class, Clemson Class, Fubuki Class, Kagero Class, Navigatori Class, Bourrasque Class and the Le Fantasque Class. We’ll be posting more ship graphics and info on our development blog when they are ready.


Get Involved

We will be ready for beta testing mid summer, if you want the possibility to get your hands on a copy early and help us shape the game sign up to our Mailing List, follow us on twitter or join our Facebook group to stay up to date.